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EXTREME Hair Loss?????

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Hi Everyone,

Lately, probably the last 3+ months I have noticed that my hair has thinned all over my head and I know that a lot of us complain about this.

But, within the last 2 weeks the hair in my temple region has literally fallen out.:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

I am EXTREMELY CONCERNED and need to know if this is common or how many of you have had this happen as opposed to just thinning all over.

I think my balding is worse then my husbands now and I really don't know what to do. I was in tears this morning and I am NOT a vain person at all.:mad::mad::mad:
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Hi all,

Sorry for those of you who do have this to a severe degree, I've thankfully only suffered mildly and once the disease was under control it started sprouting new lupus hairs. At times of disease activity though I do notice it especially around the temple areas it gets quite thin but it does regrow back though.

With you Karol I agree it's worth checking for a nutritional cause first, but it may also be due to lupus activity. Which meds are you on right now?

If it's not obviously either of those then don't overlook the thyroid as a cause, many docs do when we have so much else going on and that can be a very obvious cause in many people.

Nioxin is one of those products that many people here have had great success with as far as hairloss goes.

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