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EXTREME Hair Loss?????

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Hi Everyone,

Lately, probably the last 3+ months I have noticed that my hair has thinned all over my head and I know that a lot of us complain about this.

But, within the last 2 weeks the hair in my temple region has literally fallen out.:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

I am EXTREMELY CONCERNED and need to know if this is common or how many of you have had this happen as opposed to just thinning all over.

I think my balding is worse then my husbands now and I really don't know what to do. I was in tears this morning and I am NOT a vain person at all.:mad::mad::mad:
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I tend to lose hair all over, but especially at the sides of my head when in a lupus flare. I've never actually had the bald look, it is visibly thinner though when that happens & I will get many "lupus hairs" around the front/side {these are short hairs that appear - much shorter than the rest of my hair at the time}. When I had all those lupus hairs, I ended up cutting my hair very short so it wasn't so obvious & I liked that a lot better.

For you, it could be the lupus, or it could be some sort of nutrition deficiency related to your stomach problems and inability to keep food down recently. Most likely, a combination of both. Women do lose hair as they age too, but usually not that quickly.

If it's really bad, they make some great wigs these days. Some women can really make wearing hats every day stylish as well - too bad it's not the 20's/30's anymore when women wore hats all the time! Hope it improves soon.
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