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eye drops for dry eyes

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Hi all,
Has anyone found any eye drops that are really good for dry eyes?
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Hi Julsie,

Here's one of many threads on the subject - hope it helps,

Hi Julise,

I have used tried so many eye drops, but will tell you what has worked for me!

Firstly I have small silicone plugs in in tear ducts, without those even the eye drops did not work for more than 1/2 hour at a time, which was impractable. Any eye drops I used temporarily made my vision blurred!

Anyway I use:

Celluvisc for day drops (they are in handy throw away capsules, which you can carry with ease in handbag/car etc).

Lubri Tears for night use. These are more oil based and help greatly with the hours that your eyes are closed. They helps my eyelids with not sticking to my eye ball in the morning.

I get all of these things precribed on the NHS, even the silicone plugs were put in no problem under the NHS! If you dont already get free prescriptions, it may be worth getting the yearly pre-paid card.

Take care Julsie!


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Thanks,I'll give them a go.This dry eye thing seems to have become very bad quite quickly.Dr.D asked me how long I'd had red eyes and I thought
'are my eyes red?',oh,those red eyes!dur!

Systane eye drops work best for me. They are a little "thicker" than the others I've tried. They usually just roll right out but they work for a while. I also got the "plugs"
a few months ago but I can't tell any difference with them. They cost 500 dollars each eye!!! not counting the opthamologist's office visit. I'm thinking about getting them taken out cause when I do wear my contacts(not regularly)they seem to be touching them. It may be just me but it seems like I can feel them. Eye drops are so expensive and the bottles are so tiny that they don't last long at all.
I use Celluvisc in the day and Genteal gel before going to bed. I also had plugs put in both my upper and lower lids and that also helped.
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