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eye pain

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I've been getting an odd pain in my eyes. It's a very quick, prick like, pain that only lasts a couple of seconds. Feels like I've been jabbed in the eye with a needle.

My vision seems o.k...just blurry on occassion, but it's always been like that. I don't think it's from dry eyes, as the dryness that I've had before has improved. No reddness either, just pain.

I don't have an eye appointment till next month. Just wondering if anyone else gets eye pain like this. Oh yeah, I had a lesion on my left optic nerve a year ago.

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Thanks for the replys. It is such a weird pain and it frightens me when it happens, that I thought I'd throw it out there to see if it happens to anyone else. Glad it isn't unique to just me.

I mentioned it the last time I was at the rheumy but he only gave me an odd look and didn't say anything. It has been more frequent since then so I might mention it again.

Lily, I have nerve pain too and wondered if that probably was what it is, since it's a sharp, shooting pain. Mine didn't start in the eye though, till after I began taking Neurontin, so that has me puzzled.

I have visits in the next 2 months with the neuro, rheumy, and eye doc so I will see if I get anything besides another strange look...I'll let you all know if I get answers.

Take care,
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