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eye pain

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I've been getting an odd pain in my eyes. It's a very quick, prick like, pain that only lasts a couple of seconds. Feels like I've been jabbed in the eye with a needle.

My vision seems o.k...just blurry on occassion, but it's always been like that. I don't think it's from dry eyes, as the dryness that I've had before has improved. No reddness either, just pain.

I don't have an eye appointment till next month. Just wondering if anyone else gets eye pain like this. Oh yeah, I had a lesion on my left optic nerve a year ago.

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While I don't have an official lupus diagnosis...(doctors with different opinions) I also have the eye pain. Mine is maybe once or twice a month and only in my right eye. You described it just how mine feels. Like a sharp "thin"/size of a pencil pain from the back of my eye. I never had any pain until a couple of years ago, which is when much of my symptoms started unraveling more and more. I BELIEVE its related to my ongoing health issues. Its so infrequent that I haven't mentioned it to doctors. I can't get past my first couple of symptoms before most end the appt. I could live with it (if nothing could be done for it), but I know for me it is such an odd feeling that everytime it happens, I think oh that is so not normal. Let me know what your doctor thinks about it, if you mention it to him or her.
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