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eye pain

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I've been getting an odd pain in my eyes. It's a very quick, prick like, pain that only lasts a couple of seconds. Feels like I've been jabbed in the eye with a needle.

My vision seems o.k...just blurry on occassion, but it's always been like that. I don't think it's from dry eyes, as the dryness that I've had before has improved. No reddness either, just pain.

I don't have an eye appointment till next month. Just wondering if anyone else gets eye pain like this. Oh yeah, I had a lesion on my left optic nerve a year ago.

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Hi Mary,

I've mentioned it to my Lupus Doc and Neuro and they have noted it but not said anything about it :rolleyes: So I have no idea what it is, whilst it happened quite infrequently, it's very alarming while it lasts. I've also mentioned it to my Optho, but he's pretty useless anyway ;)

Maybe it's some kind of nerve spasm, I get a lot of trouble with my nerves in face and legs.

I figure I've seen the Optho and my other docs are aware of it so I don't worry about it. Come to think of it it has not happened much at all since being on Neurontin...........hmmmm.

I'd definitely mention it to your docs and if any of them suggest a reason I'd be interested to hear.

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