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Fabulous fabulous news ......

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our lovely lovely cat has come home, after 6 days away. She has NEVER done this before, ever. It's not unknown for one of our cats to disappear for a day or two, but Daisy is a regular at her food bowl.

She looks skinny, but gorgeous (to my eyes anyway). I have been so upset about this, she is 14 going on 15, and I really thought this was it. She seems very well, and is scoffing her head off.

She is our airing cupboard cat - she was born in the airing cupboard, and spends most of her time in there. I know one day we will loose her, but I am so glad it is not just yet.

Moppie (aged 11) sniffed her nose, which is a massive display of affection between the two of them (Moppie is my baby, but she is a loner when it comes to other cats).

Here is my baby ....... in her airing cupboard a few weeks ago. Not a fabulous photo, but it'll do.

I am just so happy to have her home. I opened the bedroom window to let Moppie in for her dinner (Moppie doesn't like the catflap) and Daisy was sitting there waiting to be let in. I have been incessantly checking the airing cupboard for her all week, it will be so lovely to see her sitting there again - and I promise to never feel grumpy about all the hair she sheds over the towels !


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Dear Raglet, I am so glad. You must have been through a terrible few days.
She is an absolute poppet. I love cats.
x Lola
Aaaahhhh! She is soooooo cute.
Glad she arrived home safe and sound!!!

Cassie :)
Aw, she looks very sweet and I'm sure you're really glad to have her home.
Glen keeps telling me he wants a cat though I'd have to teach him that cats are not for chasing first ;)


Glad she came home ok! She is a cutie, looks so cats seem like Giants when I see yours.

Stay Well - Love Stephanie

I am so thrilled to hear that your bundle of joy has returned to you. We have a house cat that we adopted a couple of years ago and quicte honestly if he disappeared I would be so heartbroke. He is a yellow tabby named Jubi. He follows me around the house and if never very far. If he feels like he needs attention, he will stand on his hind quarters and stretch, I kid you not, up to the midde of my back. He knows that he is gonna get treats every afternoon. At night he does his nightly rituals of making sure everything has been done and everything is in its place. Then normaly it is back to bed, at the foot of mine.

I am sure that these past few days that I have been in the hospital, he is going crazy. I sure do miss him. Again, congrats Raglet
I'm so happy for you Raglet.

That happened to one of our indoor cats a few years ago. We still don't know how Brighty (Bright Eyes is her full name) got out. When she disappeared, we ended up getting a bunch of thunder and lightening storms, so we figured it took here a few days to get re-oriented. We were SOOOO happy to see her come home.

I'm glad to hear your adorable baby came back safe and sound:)
Awwwww Raglet

I am so happy your baby came back to you:).i know what you mean about the hair lol.I have what we call two orange tabbys cats here with us in the United States.I love them basically as much as my children almost:).:)I got the one like two years ago even though i did not want a cat :lol:My son talked me into it then like a year alter we got our cats brother also from a friend of my sons because she could not keep it anymore.They are so very precious to me and i do not know what i would do without either one of them,but they both have so much fur when you go to pet them i am not even imagine this it pulls out quite a wad of fur balls.Well anyway i could not forgive myself if something happened to them even if they are an awful lot of work.So i sure hope Daisy does not run away again for sure and keep a tight eye on her.Take care

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Great news Raglet! You must've been so worried. Things really seem to be going in your favour for a change.....long may it continue, especially health wise.

Hugz, :hug:

Pam xxx
Bl%%dy cat has gone again !!!!!!!!!!

I could throttle the little rotter.

Hi Raglet,

Hopefully, she will turn up again very soon, this time not letting you worry about her..They don't realise we think of them as our "children"..(unfortunately).

Goodness..what a worry, for you! :(

I wonder if she is getting a little confused - a friend told me her cat went very odd and kept disappearing when she got older. The vet put her on hormones and that helped.

Sigh, at least I know that she is alive, that's the main thing. I have a collar with our phone number on it all ready to put on her as soon as she reappears. I am not terribly keen on cat collars, but in this case I think it's vital.


Oh Raglet, please let us know as soon as she turns up. I will worry!
I really hope she is okay. Could she be getting fed elsewhere? We have two cats of our own and one stray who we feed. Although she sleeps every night in our Garage she wanders an enormous distance, and I am sure others feed her too. Maybe a check up with the vet would be a good idea. Is she old enough to be getting a little silly?
Lola x
I am so sorry about Daisy-is she sick? Sometimes they wandser off when they are sick. Maybe she is just getting forgetful.
Please let us know what happens.

She's back again - she turned up very late last night. I feel comfortable now that she IS back - she slept on my bed all last night, again. Geesh there's almost not enough room for me with two cats, then the dogs like to try and sneak on to my bed in the morning for a cuddle. The cats don't seem to mind.

I still tend to favour the she was locked in a shed or garage theory - but for some reason she is being an outside cat during the daytime, which come to think of it she does sometimes.

I must confess I just want to see her in the airing cupboard again, it's her hallmark.

Thanks for worrying along side me, I really value the support.


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Hi Raglet

:)I am a cat mommy too! Have 9 of them and was going to post about my new find yesterday morning. A 3 week old abandoned kitten that I am bottle feeding. Ohh is she a cute one. Fun being a momma to a kitten! Glad you found her! Now I have 10 cats!
Aw bless she is so cute , im so glad you got her back, are animals are so precious, so nice to have happy storys raglet

Lin xxx
I am so glad to hear that your cat came back to you. The same thing happen to my brother and they found out that their cat was accidentally lock in the neighbors shed behind the house. When the neighbor went to mow his lawn the cat pooped out.

What heartache they can cause and what big joy they can bring us at the same time. Glad she is safe and sound.
I am glad she is back. Please cuddle her from me.
x Lola
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