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Face lotion

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What's everybodys favorite face lotion? I have been trying several and they all seem to not agree with my discoid lupus.
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I have discoid lesions on my face as well as very sun damaged skin (not because I've been a sunworshipper, but because of SCLE) and use diprobase which I get on prescription as my skin gets so dry.

It's very, very greasy so I put it on when I get home in the evenings to allow it to soak in. It works well for me and my skin has definitely improved since I started using it a year ago.

When you say face lotion, what sort do you mean, general skin care, night, or for day and/or under make up ? Also where do you live ?
Diprobase can be got in a cream form too.

My face isn't terribly dry, but it has certainly lost it's softness with the discoid. It would have to have some spf and be ok under makeup.

I suggest focusing on the night care as well. My favourite skin care product range is Eucerin who also do a red skin range with an excellent cleansing cream, which isn't available in the UK although a couple of items from that range are. You are unlikely to find a day product with sufficient UV protection both UVA and UVB - the SPF refers only to UVB. I use my sun screen as foundation for my makeup. The sunscreen goes on first. I can't do with another product on top of that.

Good Luck
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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