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Dorothy i have the same problem.

I tell my husband i have more of a beard than he does, which is true,, he is clean shaven all the time.

It got so bad i would tweeze every day and hair would get ingrown causing major bumps. i asked my dermatologist for the prescription called Vaniqa. It helps to stop the growth of facial hairs. Key is, you have to have the hairs removed from root then put the meds on the area,, this will, over months time, deter the growth of the hairs.

It works,, i used to have thousand of facial hairs in each lil area, on the sides of my chin and just above my neck,,, now i have hundreds. :)

I don't know if you are in the u.s. or u.k. or what kind of insurance you have, but ,mine would not pay for it. But Vaniqua's website will direct you to a site where you can order it as long as you have a prescription. It is very expensive to me anyway, $80.00 a 30g tub, but the website has a $25.00 discount for each purchase plus it costs less on the site compared to pharmacy or drugstore.

It requires patients and constant tweezing or waxing to get rid of ALL the hairs but it is worth it.

I look like a woman again. :):):):)

Good luck
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