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So, here is an odd question for everyone. Normally I have problems getting to sleep and then of course staying to sleep. I have tried numerous sleepng pills to the point, i gave up. Basically my days and nights got mixed up HOWEVER, for the most part I am back on a regular routine.......somehow. My problem now is that I periodically just fall asleep. I can be doing one thing and either not feel tired or feel tired but nothing abnormal. I also will wake up nornally an hour or so later and feel totally disoriented. I do not understand what is going on and feel like something is wrong, but I am afraid that if I go to the doc with this question that A) They will think I am "nuts" or B) that I am overdosing on my medications. I have been keeping track of my meds and from what I have monitored, its not meds. Now this normally happens at night, however, I can be some place and get extremely tired thru the day and almost fall asleep.

Ughhhhh, maybe I am losing it. I don't know,
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