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Fan heaters and AC

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Hi again,

Another quick question please :)

Does anyone know if us Lupies should avoid things such as fan heaters and Air Con?

I know someone somewhere on here said that they felt worse when they were in an AC'd environment. But I'm not sure how common this is.

Also, how do you all react to being around fan heaters?

Right now, my house is so cold (even with the radiators on full blast) so in my living room I have the fan heater on a lot.

Because my symptoms are a lot worse since the cold started I was wondering if it was the fan heater that has mad things worse???

Thanks :)
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Hey Surferboy

I do find that if the air con is on and it is too cold my joints ache somewhat, particularly if it is blowing directly on me.

Thankfully right now in my new office there is no air con.

But we're moving to new offices in January where they've got super duper ac :(
Air-cons, fans

Hi Surfer Boy
it may have been me that mentioned about my aircon problems. I've always had problems with them and fans.

I would know that in some buidings I would have trouble breathing, particularly as in auditoriums with many people, as in our TAFE College, as in a certain cinema, our Entertainment Centre, in my living quarters up in Papua New Guinea with aircon. I will get freezing cold, and usually have to take a big coat, once be given a blanket; on a longdistance train, that had electrical problems, I had to get off the train :eek:half way through my 2day journey because it was freezing. Doing fulltime uni study for years on campus, with aircon at 19C :sad:constantly (they said because of computers), bright lights, did not help.

As a teacher in both southern Australia and now in the Tropics, fans annoy my Sjogrens-my dryeyes, persistent sinus, drymouth. However heat is the same too. Of course I've only found lupus/aps since start of last year.

Having been a teacher for many years I was in the sun so much, sports, transport etc/. I cannot go in the8) sun at all, have to keep house darkened, for bright/sun lights. Finding relevant lupus specialists down south is very difficult, and the constant search and air travelling to get to them is so frustrating, just a quarter/half hour appointment with such a complex history.

Slowly but surely is our message to find d/x, and cover acknowledgement of our symptoms re the 1000 faces of Lupus.
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yes, I'm quite temperature sensitive...
i ALWAYS get nausea's [sp?] in the heat along with a migraine and my joints ache and my hands go fairly numb in the cold.

so, i have to always be avoid extra heat in winter and cold in summer i just try to stay at room temp hahahah :joke:
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