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Fast Heart Beat

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Hi all hope you are all well was at the doctor on friday said to him about my hands going blue.He put a thing on my finger and waited he said circulation was ok but had a really fast heart beat he said we will wait till i see him next time and he will do the test again.Has anybody else had this.Thanks Elisabeth
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I have been dealing with this for a while now and also a fluttering of the heart.

I feel it mostly at bedtime when I am laying down but it does happen during the day too.

Not sure what it is or why it happens.

It sounds like you had a pulse oximetry test. The thing he put on your finger measures the percent of haemoglobin which is saturated with oxygen. He would have done this because you said your hands turned blue. This machine it also picks up your heart rate which is used to get the percentage reading or pulse ox percentage. Anyway, that is how they noticed your heart rate was elevated. It is not uncommon to have a fast heart rate when you’re nervous or anxious but at least he will look into it on your next visit. I would imagine he would have felt for your pulse and if he though there was anything to worry about he would have taken care of it right then and there. I also have a very fast heart rate, my hearts average beat per minute is greater then 120 and it has also exceeded 200. I have SVT and it is controlled with medications and now my heart is ticking at 88 and this condition is not associated with my lupus. I hope this helped you a bit.

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I just started this thread re the heart... what a coincidence:)
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