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Fatigue, Headaches...

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I was diagnosed 2 years ago with Lupus, and since then over time i've learnt to deal with most of my symptoms except for the headaches!!!! .. sometimes they last a few hours.. others 3-4 days. I get distorted vision, as if im in a fish bowl. My doctor gave me some maxalt which worked for a few weeks, then stopped even helping in the slightest. I later got put onto Half Inderal LA 80mgs, which worked for abit longer.. but now neither are working and im still suffering from really bad headaches, which i think is causing me to sleep more, and feel drained all the time. i slept for 15hours last nite! and i feel like im in a no win situation because i know sleeping too much can cause headaches too! can anyone help? :p
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Hi Jeni, I am very far past the age of 50, and have battled migrains since the age of nine. There are a lot of meds out there, so you can keep trying, if you want, you might strike gold. I finally found something that someone found out that it works. Just Google the word "feverfew", it is a natural herb, and you can get back-up info on it in a plant book in the library, one of the newer books. best of luck, smile.
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