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Feeling fed up!

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I am having a particularly bad flare up off my rash. It is all around my eyes which is so difficult to put ointment on, and it is so sore.

I have been so ill the last week or so, I even missed an appointment at the hospital and now I have to wait months and months to get another one. Dermatologist appointment isn’t until May and I am sick of all this waiting and getting nowhere.

I feel so exhausted and along with all the pain in my abdomen and joints, throwing up, bowel trouble etc I have now developed twitches on my face.

Sometimes, I feel like I am losing my sense of humour with all this. Sorry to have a moan, but I feel like I can’t load this all on my family all the time, as they worry so much.

Thanks for reading!

Star x
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I would suggest that you call your Drs (all of them) and see who can see you on an emergency basis...If none, then go to the ER at one of their hospitals and then they can see you or confer on your case.

I would not wait it out, the symptoms are there, you need assistance from a Dr.

My Dr yelled at me for trying to wait out a flare, and made me and hubby promise to call next time and not wait 10 days....LOL

Please call the DRS!!!! Right NOW!!!!!

Let us know how you get on.

I am afraid I haven’t called the doctor. I feel this would make no difference what so ever. I have been very ill for a long time now and I have had to call out my GP(s) on a few occasions, when I have been particularly ill.

When they eventually arrived I felt like they were no use to me at all. They looked at me and on one occasion when my rash was in a serious flare all I got was “oh yes that is terrible isn’t it”. You think?

As much as my usual GP is very nice. In the past, when I have tried to discuss things with her, I tend to be, what I call fobbed off and get told to speak to my gynae, or when you get your appointment with the dermatologist speak to them.

I have not faired much better in A&E and was treated like I had committed a criminal offence for daring to call an ambulance, after passing out from horrendous pain and sickness. They had no knowledge of endometriosis and acted like I was just having a bad period. It turned out a cyst had burst …..but no need to worry!

This seems to be the story of my life. It took me eleven years to finally get a diagnosis for severe endometriosis (+ other gynae problems), by which time it had decimated my body.

I am not a martyr to things, but I believe that until I get a conclusive diagnosis for what is causing my additional problems (e.g. the severe rash), I am stuck in a no mans land as far as the medical profession is concerned.

Thank you for your reply.

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Hello Star,

I do understand where you're at with regards to the medical profession. I know that Mum has thought (and still does at times) that there just seems to be no point in going to the docs and it is like wading through sticky mud most of the time.

My recent experience of A&E means that I will be calling my GPs mobile next time, but having that one contact doc, someone that takes you seriously, is very important. If your GP is as inactive as that, is there no way of finding another one who would fight some of this fight for you?

I still have to agree with Stephanie and say that you should persist and insisit and stamp your feet until someone takes notice. It will happen one day and the you'll wonder why you never did it before.

hugs :grouphug2:
It is troubling to me to hear of such problems and not being able to receive proper medical care.

I know you have had bad experiences - but you obviously cannot stay like this either. That being said, sometimes you have to just give it another shot and go and get checked out and maybe bring someone with you to advocate for you and fight for you that you need some help and treatment now. Sometiems another voice other than your own can get their attention.

I would hate to see you suffer this way - so at least consider either calling your gp or going to get checked out.

Hope you feel better soon too.
Hi Star, I am so sorry at the amount of pain you have to endure, this just should not be. As someone on this board who is very wise says"no one
will worry about your health as much as you do."(parafrasing). About the IBS, I take stool softeners,Not stool softeners with laxatives, just the stool softeners, be sure. Hon, the rest is up to you, it's your body, it's your health, it's your life, please, you have to do something now. We can help and support you, but we canttake your hand and save your life. Please, appoint yourself #1, know that your worth it, and do something.
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