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I feel your pain!!! both physical, mental and spiritual! I am in the same boat with having many things wrong, yet as hard as I have been searching for help, I seem to find nothing. Everything that has been done has come back normal....It is so frustrating!!! and there are times when I feel like maybe I am indeed just crazy.... but I know it is not so! I like to think of myself as an out-going fun person, but when you constantly are in some sort of pain or disstress, its really really hard to let go and enjoy yourself. I will muster the ambition to go out or to a party, and usually end up leaving soon after I get there. It is terribly frustrating for my friends, family, and most importantly my boyfriend (though as frustrated as he gets, he is WAY supportive.)

I can't really offer you any help or advice, just tell you that I know what its like, and I'm really sorry..... I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

good luck on getting things figured out... There's gotta be hope for us somewhere.
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