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"Ironic" seems a good word

Howdy Elle,
I haven't been able to eat meat for about 25 years. I simply cannot digest it. Then, as auto-immunity went on, I could no longer eat poultry, oily fish, shellfish and now find myself limited to grains, vegetables, dairy products light whitefish and a wholelot of vitamin pills.
Being a vegetarian by choice is one thing; having it forced on one is another.
I only mention this ridiculous personal history to add another perspective. I hope that if you must start eating meat that you are able to digest it and maybe eventually either enjoy it or be able to return to your prefered vegetarian lifestyle.
I have found protein bars and the related protein supplements to be very good in the place of meat.
All the best however this goes for you.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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