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Hi Elle and (((((((hugs))))))) to you,

It must be so disappointing to have to put that course on hold. I'm so sorry you have had to make that decision. Sometimes, unfortunately we do have to put things on hold, and sometimes we do feel like life itself is on hold which can get us very down.

All I can really do is send you loads of positive vibes and assure you that you are not a failure, you are looking out for yourself and your family. You are somebody who is very important to your family and kids and for that reason you have to look after yourself. No-one who is working, a mum and trying to do a uni course could ever be considered a failure, never mind when living with a chronic disease!

As for stupid comments from colleagues. I'd say most of the time they should just be ignored but sometimes you can just turn it around and say "right, let's say we're not talking about me here. Let's imagine that your 15 year old daughter had a chronic, life threatening disease and that, under doctors orders, she was told to abandon that principal which was dear to her, would you suggest that she put herslef at risk for that principal?"

That might just shut her up. If it doesn't she really isn't worth talking to.

I hope that this rest from uni will be positive, some time for yourself to try and get back on your feet,


1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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