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Lost my 1st message, so hear goes again!

Elle, things sound tough at present, I do hope things do get better!

Do you get gluten/lactose free items on prescription?

Legummes are an excellent source of protein e.g. kidney beans, chick peas, harricot beans and lentils - are you allergic to these!

Milk/soya milk - there are substitues that are made of vegetable products, not sure how they taste! My youngest child had prescription formula vegetable milk of all things (it did smell like potatoe peelings though - and I never tasted it!!!)

Eggs - you can buy a powdered vegan substitute which is good for baking!

There are any alternative food products, but I guess you need to do some research and then find some tasty recipes to make!

The Vegan Society and Coeliacs web sites may have receipes and alternative product suggestions!

Anyway, best of luck and I really hope you will do the OU course some day!

Love Lesley
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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