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Hi Elle

I'm so sorry that you have been advised to eat meat again. I have been veggie for more than 13 years and would hate to put meat in my mouth BUT if my health demanded it I would do it. At the very least you can console yourself that you will no doubt continue to eat far less meat than the average westerner so you are still helping a little.

I know what you mean about feeling like a failure as well. All my life I have been successful, winning prizes at school, I got an honours degree from a good university, got a job in a coveted profession (publishing) but now I am back at the bottom of the job ladder because I need a stress-free job that doesn't demand overtime because of my health. I am earning peanuts and my boyfriend has been saving for years for us to buy a house and I can't contribute a penny because my health hasn't allowed me to move up in the world the way I always thought I would. I hate that so much.

The only thing to do is remember that we can't help having this disease and there are good times as well as bad. Maybe when you're feeling better you can pick up the OU course again. If you're worried about the time limit running out, you can probably get special dispension because of your health.

Much love, xx
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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