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Dear Elle,

When Lupus is out of control in our bodies life can seem very grim. Even though I have been living with it for many years I can still get thrown for a loop when it flares up on me. Sometimes it takes our doctors awhile to find the right medications at the right dose to get the Lupus back under control.

I think you used some very positive words as was pointed out by someone else. You have put University classes on hold for now which means you plan on getting back to them in the future. Taking care of little ones is very tiring even for a "normal healthy adult". You also showed that your children are your priority which to me means you are focused where you should be. Some people would neglect, to one degree or another, their children in order to stay on track with University courses.

If you stay focused on today and look for joy and beauty it will make it easier to get through today. I do something I call looking for rainbows, which means I specifically make myself look for something of beauty. I do this mostly when I am down. When I am in a good mood I seem to do it almost automatically. There is great hope for us lupies. There are several medications in the pipeline and other significant research is happening all over the world. We may even see a cure for lupus in our lifetime.

Take care,
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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