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Feeling low!

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I feel really awful bothering you lovely people again but I just need to get this off my chest to people who understand!

Went to GP today as I've run out of ami that rheumy prescribed. Told him about the side effects and that it's also making me constipated and that when I do manage to go there is alot of blood! This is new to me because I take tablets for IBS and that was the complete opposite toilet habits. Anyway he said that it was better to carry on even though I've not got any better and that my next Rheumy app he may up the dosage.:worried:

Also he mentioned that Rheumy sent him a letter to say I seem ok and that my symptoms are probably just fibromyalgia.Rheumy stated that I have '16 out of 18 Smythe points'. I asked the GP whether my finger/toe sores are to do with that and he said not but it was down to Rheumy to investigate that. I felt really down after coming out of GP's and yes dare I say it but weepy because I just don't understand how I feel anymore. The GP also said that because of these sores and family having raynauds, diabetes, arthirtis and problems with thyroids is the reason Rheumy is still bothering with me? Also Rheumy from first visit noticed I had early nail fold changes and livedo in my legs.

Am I just pestering these doctors or what. Not right sure where to turn. If Rheumy thinks fibromyalgia why send me for a bone scan? I feel now that do they think I want to feel ill and enjoy this because they couldn't be more further from the truth.

They are not with me when I can't run around with my 7year old or play with our puppy! Or even when through the night I have to ask hubby to help me to the toilet.

GP said that they can qestion my symptoms but not my signs. Does this make it all in my head or what?

I know there are very poorly people out there and my complaints are minor but I just want answers that I understand and that I just want to be me!

Love Mrs M
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Hi Mrs M

I'm not sure about the symptoms you are describing but I can understand your feelings with the drs.

For ages (years) I kept going to the drs and rheume explaining how I was feeling and describing my symptoms and left none the wiser after each visit. I convinced myself that it was all in my head and that people thought I enjoyed complaining about feeling unwell. It got so bad I dreaded people asking me how I was as I could never seem to be able to truthfully say 'I'm fine thankyou'. Then finally this year I was diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disorder and SLE, I also have food intolerances, raynauds, GORD, oesophagitus/duodenitus. I find people are different towards me know that I have been given a diagnosis and I feel better in myself. However, my GP, as good as he is, tends to let my rheume and me dictate what teatment etc. that I need, which is not helpful when all you want is for them to help and take charge sometimes.

Yes you can say 'there are plenty of people worse off than me' ( something I say all the time) but when you are feeling ill it is not pleasant and you should not feel guilty for feeling low and miserable, no two people are the same and everyone handles ill health in different ways - so dont be hard on yourself.

I hope this helps and makes sense. Remember, you are not alone and I dare say everyone on this forum has experienced similar feelings etc at some point. We are all here to support one another and a problem shared is a problem halved!

love beanbag
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Hi Mrs. M,

I believe the doctor is telling you there is something besides the Fibro going on but the Rheumy doesn't know what yet. There will probably more tests and you may have to wait for more symptoms to develop before they will know for sure. With your family history it is good the doctor is searching for the answer.

Symptoms are what you feel. In one patient the pain is an irritation, in another that same pain is really bad depending on how the brain interprets it. Signs are what the doctor can actually see. Things like the nail fold and sores aren't subjective, they are visible.

Keep seeing the doctors. You are not bothering them. Getting the proper diagnosis can be tricky.

Take care,
Dear Mrs. M,
Please keep going,or if necessary find a new Rheumy. You obviously are not well. Thinking of you,
x Lola
Thankyou so very much for your support:)

Woke this morning and I feel a little better. I'm just going to try and get on with things best I can and wait to see if anything shows in the bone scan.
Maybe one day at a time is best and not to get my hopes up for anything to be sorted straight away.

I'm realising now that I have to go along on this strange journey and hope that one day soon I just might be back to my old self. I think I need to accept I can't do what I used to do and that yes maybe things can wait until tomorrow!

Love Mrs M x
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