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I was diagnosed with fm first. it was elbows, neck and back I thought was age. but when they check for the points, it's amazing where they are, base of cheeks, collar-bone-kind-of, neck, back, funny spot just above the yer bum, more than the hips... my dr doesn't check my knees, but he always finds the back spots. not my favourite dr, isn't so concerned if my knees get stiff, but he does check the fm and confirm it when it's flaring. he didn't tell me about the lupus, felt my ANA was too low; but when I got spots it was a dermatologist who informed me and my dr only later confirmed saying he felt we'd address it when we have to. I do have a new physician now. ;) I find the more questions I ask, the better answers I get-- see, and talk to, your dr.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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