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Hi Nicky,

I was diagnosed with fibro not long after my sle diagnosis, as far as I can remember diagnosis was made on pressure points examination, (I think they test about eighteen points, I hadn't even realised most of them were tender till he poked me!) together with symptoms/history. Rheumatologist gave me a leaflet produced by ARC which I found usefull here's a link to it online,

I remember being told that it fibro sort of slotted into lupus for a lot of people, he demonstrated that by sliding the fibro leaflet into the lupus leaflet, tada there you go, it's just like this I remember him saying! I think a rheumatologist is the best type of doc to diagnose fibro.

I think over time I have gotten an idea of which symptoms are lupus and which are fibro, I find the pains that seem to originate from muscles are fibro, rather than those around joints, more of a burning/aching than joint pain. The other biggy I think with fibro is the pain through the night and the effect on sleep, I have started taking amytrip which helps me with the pain/sleep cycle.

Best of luck with your appointment.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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