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Filtration rate?

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Anyone know what it means if your kidney filtration rate is low? I saw my Rheumy yesterday to get the paperwork started for disability. I had new blood tests and she said she was concerned as my filtration rate was 34 with normal being 60 - 128. She said she wouldn't be worried if I were older and the rate was around 50 but this had her concerned. Also my "BUN" was high at 14 and my Creatinine Serum was 1.57.

I'm going to re-check the info about blood tests on a couple of others. I also told her about that bruising on my foot that I had and she immediatly started feeling my leg. She thinks my left calf is tighter and more swollen than the right and she's ordered an ultrasound of my leg (as well as the kidneys).
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Hi Jirel :)

It's probably your glomerular filtration rate (GFR). It's a good test to see how well your kidneys are functioning. Here's some more info:

I'm glad she is running some tests on your leg it really looks pretty bad to me. Likewise the kidney ultrasound will hopefully give her some more information. Is she going to send you to a Nephrologist? That's probably a good idea, if the GFR remains at that level or goes down :(

When do you see her next, after your ultrasounds? Do let us know how you get along :luck:

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Thanks Lily, I see her again in 2 weeks. I'll call on monday to schedule the ultrasounds.

Monday is my last day at work, she wrote a perscription releasing me from work. That is actually going better than I expected. Evidently I will get to do a seperate/new short term disability claim. I keep forgetting that short term disability and FMLA are seperate. So even though my FMLA will be up in about 2 weeks, Short Term Disability (as a new claim) can go for another 90 days. Then the LTD can start - if they don't give me a problem about it.
Dear Jirel,
I hope it all goes well for you and that the Disability Claims etc. are no trouble.
x Lola
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