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Hi all. Six weeks later I am finally over the flu. All I could do was lay in bed and run to the bathroom vomiting. I called my docs nurse after 2 weeks and she assured me that it was just the flu. Fine. After about 4 weeks, I called back and said I am still vomiting and I haven't eaten a full meal in over a month. Her answer was, "You probably have a real bad flu bug". Really......seriously?

During this time is when I landed in the hospital. What landed me there was the fact that I was very anemic as well as low in the potassium and sodium all of which was easily taken care of via IV.

After perstering a couple of more days she made me an appointment with my GI doc. I didn't have the diarrhea, thankfully, just vomiting. Ice tea seemed to be my best friend. While waiting for the appointment I did talk her out of a script for Zofran because the Phenergan just wasn't cutting it. The Zofran helped alot. It did allow me to get a little bit more sleep amd even allowed me to keep down a little chicken broth. Unfortunate part of the Zofran was that my insurance didn't cover it and we had to pay for it which about made my husband vomit. It definateky hurt the family budget, especially since he had been laid off since the beginning of December. Anyway, week six came along and I couldn't take it anymore, I had my huvband take me into ER.......I was still waiting for my GI appt. Anyway, after several tests and that nasty orange contrast drink, it was decided that I had.......the flu. The only thing that helped was I spent the entire day in ER and I had the most WONDERFUL nurse who keep my IV filled with fluids and Zofran. I truly think that was my turning point.

Since then I have gradually increased what I eat and I have changed my eating habits. Instead of junk stuff to eat, I eat alot of fruit and veggies. I still cook alot and try new recipes but I have gotten rid of most of the iodized salt and I now use sea salt and other spices. I drink alot of water and tea and rarely a soda. It just doesn't taste good. I have even gotten the kids on the healthier snacks.

The other good thing to come out of all of this is the fact that I have lost 33 pounds and so far have managed to keep it off. Its been two weeks and hopefully I will be able to maintain that. It was wonderful to tell my husband to get my box of other jeans out of the attic. I even can keep my oxygen off for longer periods of time. I am not sure if the lungs can or will improve.

If anyone has the flu and is still battling it, hang on, it will get better. Just keep up with the fluids and talk to your doc about what meds that during this time you can eliminate. For some, that makes a big difference. And for those that live in Illinois, get out that extra bottle of antiseptic hand gel. It was on the news, at least here locally, that Illinois for whatever reason is just now reporting wide areas of flu outbreaks.


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Oh My!!! Nancy, it really sounds like you've been through it these last few weeks.

I truly hope you're on the road to recovery now and that this won't have had to much of a bad effect on everything else.

hugs :hug:

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Hi Nancy,

That really was one nasty case of the flu.

Congratulations on your new eating habits. Your entire family will benefit from the change. I bet those old jeans make you feel better than ever.

Take care,

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I am so sorry that you were so sick for so long. It sounds like you would of traded anything for one day to feel better. I am glad that good things have come out of it all though. Thank you for the update on the flu out break here I had not heard about it yet so again thanks for the heads up. Let us know how you get along and if you get to keep the weight off lol. I have to say that I could use to loose a few pounds but would not want the flu to get it off lol. I am glad you are feeling better, eating better, and dressing smaller.
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