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which battle you ask ?

Well, the one I have been having with the hospital about getting me on the waiting list for repeat nerve conduction studies for my nerve damage.

I was first referred in March this year, and just made it on to the waiting list last week. Wooohooo, I am finally on my way.

Actually I have been getting ALL my doctors to refer me as the hospital just seem to loose all the referrals, but finally one made it through and I am on the waiting list.

So, I rang and asked to speak to the team leader, and she agreed that yes it was unreasonable to now have me wait 4 months for the study seeing that I should have been on the waiting list 5 months ago. Best case scenario would mean that I would have the test just before Christmas (if I was lucky), then my neuro would disappear off on holiday and I wouldn't get the results until next Feb (11 months after being referred).

I am being fitted in at the first possible opportunity, which I am optimistic will be very soon. They told me to expect to hear from them within the next couple of days. This makes me very happy after battling away all year. I still wonder what happened to all the referrals that didn't make it (my neuro's never did ......) so I will have to make sure that they send the results to her. Otherwise I can fax them to her - provided the hospital doesn't lose them, of course.

The only good thing about this is that the tests are free at the hospital, which is why I have all my treatment/ testing etc up there.

My neuro is not sure if the increasing loss of function in my hand is from my sensorimotor axonal neuropathy or whether it is a problem with the impulses getting through from my brain. I also need to have my legs done again as my neuropathy has progressed quite a lot (a lot more motor loss).

Wooohooo, I am happy about this - gotta say it, hospitals drive me nuts !



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Hi Raglet,
I don't blame for your lack of faith in the hospital system, i feel the same way.
Well done for keeping up the fight snd i'm glad you can finally get the tests done.
I hope it means you can finally get some answers even if it does mean waiting untill feb. :(

Good Luck

Take Care

Cassie :)

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Well done Raglet!!

I'm so glad you could get on to them like that and it certainly is about time you got it done.

I hope that you ca get this organised better for future things, what a pain to have to wait so much.

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