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Welcome Lilypad:)

First of all i want to tell you i think your name lilypad is so cute and makes me think about spring:) . I am so sorry you are feeling so badly(((((hugs))))).I wish there was a way to get off that prednizone right now but sure how your rhueme does find something that helps you out when you see him.You are sure right about how wonderful and caring everyone in here is for sure.I would not of made it through everything in the last four years without them for sure.If you feel like it you can go into hcat also sometime and someone will ussualy come in and chat with you and help you to get through whatever it is you are going through and even make you laugh on a good day :wink2: .Please let us klnow how your appointment goes next week with your rhueme and how you are feeling also.I sure hope your new job works out for you also.

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