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I spend too much time and energy talking about how awful I feel. You guys probably see one of my posts and run the other direction to avoid reading one more pain scree. So, I'm starting this thread as an antidote to my own negativity. I'm going to list five wonderful things that happened in my life today and then I'm going to challenge everybody else to try the same. Maybe only 1 good thing happened. Maybe more than 5. Let's see how this goes:

1. I committed myself to enter a national, judged quilt show. Yeah, I'm gonna do it!
2. My 19-year-old son told me he believes I'm strong and have a good heart and that his friends all want to spend time in our house because of me.
3. The wind melted all the snow on the deck so it won't need to be swept off.
4. I found a pair of socks I'd never worn before in the back of my sock drawer. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh -- new socks, soft and warm and perfect.
5. The roasted potatoes came out of the oven just perfect, crispy outside and tender inside, salty and fragrant and delicious.

Ok, I did it. I hope to see the good/happy/sweet events in your lives here soon.

Hugs to all,

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What a great idea!

Hello Sunny
I too find myself in a pity party most of the time and my poor husband is always trying to be optomistic for the both of us. Lets see if I can do 5 positive comments as well
1. I have a new grandson born this week
2. I have a great supportive family
3 I am able to sit up tonight longer than usual on the computer without freaking out.
4. I too, like sewing and I embroideried my grandchildrens (3)names on their stockings for the Christmas Holidays.( First time in years I've attempted to sew again)
5. I have a most wonderful husband of almost 28 years that is a wonderful soul mate.
That really was pretty easy. I also have a 20 year old son (the baby). He keeps me young always!
Hugs back
Thanks for making me smile!!

Believer from Texas

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My turn

I love this idea....thank you thank you for thinking of it.

1) The sun shined today so my pain was less which is always wonderful.
2) I started the process to find my natural father
3) My puppy is finally understanding lets pee outside and not on mommy's foot
4) I have the most wonderful 4 grand babies in the world
5) and tomorrow will better then today.
6) and finally one last one, I have the wonderful people of this group that listen, hear and help each and everyday to be easier.

Dawn =)

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Yep, good one Sunny - and no, we don't yet run the other way, you write too well for that so we still enjoy reading your posts!

1) Despite being ill I met and married the most wonderful, supportive, non judgmental man who makes life a pleasure to live, one day at a time!
2) I have an energetic dog that forces me out for a walk every day and helps keep me "fitter" than I would be otherwise.
3) My brain has come back to a pretty good functional level and I'm enjoying not being a total airhead.
4) It is gorgeous sunshine outside (even if it is -20°C) and all crisp white snow - lovely.
5) When I work I do so from home in a non stressful, quiet environment. I don't drive too much any more, I'm my own boss...
6) I have very good friends all over the world (some here too).
7) Belgium has fantastic restaurants....

I think I could go on forever!


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Hey Sunny this is a great post and I love to read what you write. I often wish I could be as good a writer as you are. I think you were a journalist in your past life, or maybe this life?:lol::lol::lol:

*My son has received 2 letters of acceptance for Nursing from colleges.
*My husband is out of the hospital and home with the family.
*I am getting ready to quit smoking and just joined a support group.
*I am going to Florida to visit my mom for 13 days to soak up some sun.
*I found a new Church with a woman's bible study for 2009.

Love this thread, thanks!!!:wink2::wink2::wink2:

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Great idea... here are my 5 great things about today...

(1) I woke up feeling well rested and had **good** dreams overnight! :)
(2) We had neighbors come over for a visit this morning.
(3) The children played together very well & filled the house with giggles and joy.
(4) My pets are all helping to keep me happy and exercised
(5) My husband and daughter are healthy and happy and the best people in my world & I am so grateful to have them in my life.

And tonight we get to go to a Big 10 basketball game! It's a very special day today indeed. :)

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Sunny don't ever stop writing, your writing is always interesting,
my five

1 - I woke up this morning
2 - I have four great healthy grandchildren
3 - I have great support here
4- my dog keeps me busy and cuddles at night
5 - I am alive

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Wicked idea

  1. I have the most wonderful supportive husband and would be lost without him.
  2. Missy has come into my life and is at this moment lying on my foot :rotfl:
  3. I have a supportive boss (not many people can say that).
  4. Found out that my laptop is not totally dead just need a new hard drive and as I only bought this one 6 months ago they will replace it FOC and collect the old one WOOHOO!
  5. I live in eternal hope of a windfall on the lottery :lol:.

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I said I would come back when I had actually done something today, so here I am.
1 I have a lovely pair of earrings Immi bought me recently
2 We found a Pub serving really cheap,good food today.
3 It is not anything like as cold here as it is in some places.
4 I have my lovely Dove in the room with me and am sure one of the cats will be sleeping on my pillow later.
5 Hubby moved some furniture out which had been getting in the way.

x Lola

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:thumbs: Great idea! Really gets one to thinking in the right direction!

* I made a new friend today with another woman I met on this site, and we talked on the phone 1 1/2hrs

* I have finally unpacked everything from my move, and the house looks like home now

* The inflammation in my thumb has gone down enough that I can hold things in my right hand again

* My husband flies back home tonight after being away all week

* I didn't have any doctors appointments this week

and the extra thought that really counts -


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This is such a good idea and so positive

1.Annie Cat forgave me for leaving her overnight and cuddled up in bed last night!

2. We finally managed to get the wood chip for the chicken run delivered and installed so the hens are much happier!

3. My compensation came through so I can afford to replace the oven which exploded Christmas Day!

4. I have applied for my passport, I will be able to go to Switzerland now to see my twin brother

5. I have finally got a referral to an orthopedic specialist for my back
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