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Hello Reisha

I am rather puzzled since you say in another post you have been diagnosed for three years already. Perhaps you mean a new rheumy.

A first visit should consist of a thorough physical exam and thorough questioning, so have a list of symptoms ready. In some places they give you a questionnaire to fill in before the appointment.
You should also have a complete health history and a note of the chronic health problems of close blood relatives, if you know about them.

Make a note of all treatments you have been on including any herbals or supplements.

Don't wear nail polish and take off any make up before the appointment
( remember to to take whatever you need to renew it afterwards :))

Clearly this is a bit different from a first visit before diagnosis, because you will have to mention that you are already diagnosed and what medicines you have been on. He will almost certainly order a whole set of tests and might order some imaging tests such as
X -rays, so there will probably be a follow up visit for confirmation of the diagnosis or even further investigations
However, maybe he will confirm the diagnosis or give one, and suggest medications.

Take a notebook and write down important things he says then go over your notes with him towards the end of the visit. It is very easy to forget what was said. In my experience there isn't much to be asked at a first visit, more at the followup, but you need to know when the followup will be and also how to contact him or his office if need be. Obviously if he prescribes it is useful to take a note of how often you should take the medicines and reasonable to ask what the medicine is expected to do and how soon it will take effect.

One important aspect of a first appointment is getting to know the doctor. I hope he is friendly and makes a good impression on you.

Good luck

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Hi, and welcome. Make a list of all your symptoms, and make a copy for him to put into your file. If you are like the rest of us, write down anything that you need to remember, cuz we cant remember till we make it to our car. There is nothing else to say,as Clare said it all, so I will just send you good thoughts that the appt will go fine.
Let us know how it went.
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