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Welcome Mrs M!
I'd like to suggest you take photos of the 'chilblains', swelling, dark marks other colour changes and any other visible abnormalities.

There's a lot going on there that is highly suggestive of some sort of connective tissue/'collagen vascular' disease. Look through the Criteria lists at the top of not yet diagnosed to see what you can relate to and also chewck out the information part of the site the sections about symptoms diagnosis and blood tests. You'll be able to see when you get your blood tests copies if all the usual ones have been done.

You should also have a complete health history ready, with nothing left out because everything can be relevant to these diseases and we should expect be thoroughly questioned about our health history - it's impossible to remember everything at the consultation. Take a notebook and make brief notes of what's said then when the consult draws to an end go over them with the doctor - note any medicines that are mentioned too.

Good Luck
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