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Hi all...

It seems like the only time I ever post is when I'm feeling awful....I need to get better at that. Anyways....I have been in a major flare since last Friday (6/5). Not sure what set it off but everyone around me keeps saying "it must be the weather". The day I came down with the flare...we went from warm and sunny to cold and rainy in a matter of hours...not sure if it's related or not? It seems like each episode, flare, whatever you want to call it....gets worse each time. I've been having tremendous knee and elbow pain with the addition of pretty severe hand and wrist pain...(two of the areas that are usually least involved for me).

I am at my wits end and am praying that this new rheumy will be helpful! Like I said in prior messages...I have heard a lot of really good things about her..."kind, thorough, cares"..... :). My appt is on June 23rd.

Until then...I've just beem muttling thru on my Daypro and Vicodin. I feel so bad about having to take the Vicodin but it's the only way I'm managing right now. It's just so hard with a 20 month old at home and working full time...I feel like I'm nearing collapse most days.

Anywho....not sure if I've asked this yet in another post but just wondering about a weird rash/sensation I've been getting. It only happens when I'm flaring....I'll first feel chilled, get my lovely low grade temp....then all of a sudden...random areas...although it's usually my arms will start feeling hot...when I look down there is a blotchy red non raised rash..similar to a mild sunburn. It usually disappears within hours. My PCP thinks it's something "inflammation related". Just wondering if anyone gets this?'s almost midnight...yayyyy!!!!.....time to head home..(I worked tonight). Thanks in advance for any replies and I promise...I'll get better at posting/replying more often. Hope everyone is well!

Olivia :)
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