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"Flare" Question

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I finally saw a rheumy last week. He said that he believes that I do have lupus. Strangely, I am relieved. I am sure that you all understand that odd emotion - the one that makes you happy to have a name to what has been making you feel like ****. I am just waiting on round two of blood tests for confirmation.

I have a question about flares. I have been off of work since mid-December. I felt pretty okay during that time. I didn't feel great, but I wasn't crippled over in pain. I was put on prednisone last week. I can't remember the last time I felt so good. I had a 90% reduction in pain, fatigue, etc. It was fabulous.

Tomorrow is my last dose of pred. I went back to work today - and pow! - my pain is back in nearly full force. I am highly stressed at work. I try not to be, but I just am. My pain is always much worse at work.

Can a flare occur just like that? Maybe my flare was just suppressed by the pred and work knocked it back out? I don't know if I am making any sense. Can it be normal (whatever that is) to react physically to stress that quickly? Does that happen to anyone else?
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Hi Melanie,
Yes, everything you describe can happen with a flare. Whether it was suppressed because of the pred, or it is stress induced, you are feeling a real reaction.
Your doctor needs to be brought up to speed so he/she can work with you to decide what action to take next.

If you have disability at your job, you may need to explore taking some time off to see if you are able to handle a return to work, or if you need to look into going off work.

Whichever, this is a decision involving you, your family, and your doctor. I wish you well.
One other thing occurs to me, and I may be way off here but please think about it. Do you work under fluorescent or UV lights? They could well cause really dramatic worsening of your condition. Just a thought.
x Lola
I do work under fluorescent lights. I am a teacher.
Hi Mel, everything you've read so far is true. I have had Lupus for an awful long time, and I am usually on these boards twice, everyday. But now I am in a flare!!
It started when I realized Thanksgiving was close. There are two good rules to live by with Lupus ; 1-the sun is your enemy,and, 2-Stress=pain. (big time )You have my sympathies, being a teacher, but please think these things over, and let us know how you're doing, and take care of yourself, you come first. Smile
Fluorescent lights cause me dreadful worsening of symptoms very quickly. It is obviously not possible for you to avoid them at the moment but I suggest you do a search and find information on them. If this sounds like it IS a real problem maybe some attention could be given to changing the lighting in your classroom. Employers are required to take reasonable steps to safeguard you.
I am assuming you are in the UK. I would imagine you have access to an Occupational Health Dept. They are often very supportive.
x Lola
Hi Melanie

I just wanted to let you know that I couldnt possibly work under fluorescent lights all day. I would be ill after a very short time and one full day would wipe me out completely. I think its definitely something you should look into. Lola has given you some good suggestions.

I hope you feel better soon
Thanks for responses. I just got back some more bloodwork and now I am really lost and confused. God, I feel like I am crazy. I should have waited until I saw the doctor again. I will post my new results. I want to cry right now.
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