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Flares... a question!

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I know that flares can be triggered by stress, sun light, infection etc but if all of these were avoided would that mean i would never flare?

I've had my first big flare and am nearly at the end of what i call "hardcore treatment" with steroids etc... now i am more aware i am more careful and have started pacing myself, doing regular exercise, staying out of the sun etc.

So am i less likely to flare with my new way of life or will a flare happen for no apparent reason no matter what i do?
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Hmmmm.. it's a bit scary knowing that flares could happen at any time without warning..well i guess we get some warning... but still:(

I just thought of something else... If the flare is caught early enough and treated does that mean it can be stopped before it gets too bad?

And by doing regular exercise and eating the right things and avoiding sun must decrease the amount of flares you get?

I know it's different for everyone but how often do you flare? I've just had my first one and am hoping for a nice quiet few months now!

I'm obviously having a thinking night tonight!
I think because i'm still getting over my first flare i'm feeling a bit unsure as to whether i'll recognise my next one... I don't want to leave it too late waiting to see if it's a full flare or not because as you said it could take months to get back to where you are again.

All my exercise is in the hands of my physio so hopefully nothing will be over done;)

I guess with most things in life it's a question of Time. As more time goes by i guess i'll get my head around my lupus.

Out of all of it the thing i hate most is just generally feeling so ill and sick ALL the time.. i think thats just beacuse i'm still at the end of a flare - i have had good days so i know things will get better again.
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