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Flares... a question!

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I know that flares can be triggered by stress, sun light, infection etc but if all of these were avoided would that mean i would never flare?

I've had my first big flare and am nearly at the end of what i call "hardcore treatment" with steroids etc... now i am more aware i am more careful and have started pacing myself, doing regular exercise, staying out of the sun etc.

So am i less likely to flare with my new way of life or will a flare happen for no apparent reason no matter what i do?
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I think it is important to figure out what causes flares in you, and then work from there. For instance, some people may have flares caused by sun, or stress, or sulfa containing drugs, but not everyone. Some are photosensitive, but not others. I personally have not experienced a flare caused by stress or sulfa drugs, but then others have, so you really do need to know what does it for you.

On one hand live sensibly, but on the other hand becoming obcessive about avoiding flares is not healthy either, it is about getting a healthy balance. Over time you will find what works for your through trial and error.

I also think it some have more severe disease than others, some have disease that is more ammenable to avoiding flares by avoiding triggers, others just plain flare incessantly no matter what they do.

best of luck with working out what works for you

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