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I feel for you right now

I donated to the Red Cross the other day but could only give what I could. I have been watching the news too and it's just terrible. So many areas have been involved too. Not just one city but several states. Mother nature has sure done a punch on many areas this year. Myanmar, China and now in the US with flooding. I really feel for you. Really do!
I agree though! If everybody could just do one little thing, that would mean a world of difference. Even if it's a $1.00 donation between millions of people it could make a big difference for many families all over the world. And for those that can't afford $1.00 just a simple blanket or piece of clothing you don't use in your home could help another person out! One can of food at a local food bank. Anything donated can help a family! I have prayers not just for the flood victoms but everyone that has suffered tragedy this year. Even the tornado victoms too!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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