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If you have read my post home repair this is the ongoing saga:rotfl:

To recap, re injured back on dec 18th , havent worked since. three doctors appointments cancelled by them back doctor and GP, epidural injection on jan 2, appointment today, mri scheduled for next thursday r/t weakness in left leg.

One squirrel in the vent hole for the toilet in my house that i have rented out since i got married 15 years ago. dad worked two days fishing it out.:lol:

three years ago i bought another rental property down the street from my old house and it has been flooded this week. this house has furnace, hot water heater and washer. dryer all underwater. The old one dosent have anything in basement, thank goodness. I will only have to treat for mould in that one.

turned off electric and gas. now have to clean it up, treat for mould and have heating guy clean out furnace. then have city inspect before gas and electric gets turned back on. so i bet we are looking at a late next week to get that all done. going to clean tomorrow. have generator to pump water glad we bought that last month!

we had this 100 year flood in 1982 i really thought i was good for my lifetime :eek: ! The only really good thing is i dont live in Pontiac illinois anymore and the house i live in is high and dry :wink2:

wish me luck! Lisa
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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