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Flu shots are generally recommended for patients with lupus but you have to ask your physician and take his advice. He knows your case and is responsible for your health. Individual experiences can't be the basis for making such a decision - some people report adverse reactions, many others have no ill effects at all.

As regards the flu vaccine, there doesn't seem to be any reliable evidence that the flu vaccine triggers flares in people with lupus.
To quote the quote below, " this is of theoretical concern"

"As with most vaccines, the possibility of vaccine-related worsening of lupus activity has been a theoretical concern. There have been occasional reports of lupus flares following pneumococcal immunization, but large studies have not demonstrated a relationship."

That is from the Lupus Foundation of America article

The flu vaccine is not live. With the ' live' vaccines, there is concern for people with lupus. With certain other diseases and conditions or allergies there might be concern about the flu vaccine too.

If the lupus is affecting only the skin the picture is rather different.

As far as I know, there might be no special recommendation to have the flu vaccine at all, unless one is in some particular risk group, such as the working in health care or education. ( Other vaccines might be contra indicated for those with skin lupus: check with your doctor )

There is a mysterious directive in the UK about people over 65 or on Plaquenil /hydroxychloroquine requiring the pneumococcal vaccine. We have not been able to find out why Plaquenil is specified, since it is not classed as an immunosuppressant.

Each of us has to discuss our personal needs with our own doctors.

In The Lupus Book by Dr. Daniel Wallace 3rd edition in regards to the flu vaccine.
"Up to 20% of those with SLE may feel sick or achy for a few days, which is double the incidence in the general population"

Some doctors recommend the shot twice in the season for added protection, since the response might be weaker in those with lupus.

The nasal flu spray is another matter.
It should not be taken by those who are immunocompromised which means many of us, because it is "live".
It also shouldn't be taken by those who come into contact with the immunocompromised like health care workers, family and friends and other close contacts because it is thought there's a risk of infection for up to three weeks afterwards.

( Info dated 2003 CDC USA )

Please contact your doctor about all vaccination and disease exposure issues, as well as proposed allergy shots.

There may be measures to be taken that will reduce any risk to you from exposure.

Comments and advice on the forum are not meant to and cannot replace medical advice.
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