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For sister- lung problems

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Hi Guys

Hope you don't mind but could do with a little help regarding my little sister.
My sister has Raynauds quite bad and possible rheumatiod arthritis. On her visit to the rheumy last week she listened to her chest and then went and got another doctor to check her. My sister could see that they were concerned so asked what the problem was. They didn't give any answers and left it that and said that she needed to go back in 6 months!

Anyway she's recieved a letter through the post to say that she needs to go to the hospital in a week to have tests done on her lungs? I was wondering if any of you could shed some light on why and what could this be due to? My little sister seems a little worried although doesn't give much away.

Just to say she's had Raynauds for around 10 years if I remember correctly!

Thankyou for your help:)

Mrs M
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That is totally unacceptable !

Call her doctor or have her call and find out why the test is being ordered. She certaintly has the right to know about why the test is being ordered. Where the return isn't until 6 months, it makes me think they aren't thinking anything serious and maybe just doing it to be sure, but even at that, she has the right to know.

What test is it?
Hi Mrs. M,

I agree with Paula. Your sister definitely needs to call and find out what the test is for. Anything we might say would be pure speculation.

Two possibilities come to mind. The first is a lung function test. Information on that could be found at the following website.

The other would be an X-ray or CT scan. Maybe the doctor detected a sound and wants to check just to rule something out.

I wish her luck with her test.

Take care,
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Thanks you two

Will speak to my sister tomorrow and check exactly what she's having done.
She was a little wishy washy when I saw her at our parents house today and couldn't remember what the letter actually said other than she needs to go in.

Thanks for your replies.

Mrs M x
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