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I know this is part of lupus symptoms. ow often do people get this. i can forget that I'm cooking & let it go & go to bed, I forget how to add, basic math. I forget how to do my job. I will get up to go get someething * forget what I'm getting only to remember a whle later. this happens ALOT. I just get very forgetful., does this seem to worsen as lupus goes on or is it just a spurt I'm going thru? these are just a few wxamples of the many.
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I think it's worth mentioning to your doctor, even though it is a common symptom here.

I too get mind bogglingly forgetful, and I don't know I'm going through a forgetful phase until I do something obvious. In fact, I often think other people are at fault until it becomes glaringly obvious I HAVE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING. Most embarassing.

Last week I forgot how to get somewhere I used to go every week for 1 year.

I missed my turn (but did not know) realised I was in the wrong place, turned off a road, went into a town and did a big loop. Got back to where I missed my turn the last time, and progressed in exactly the same way ... into town, big loop, missed the turn 3 times. In the end I got out to ask directions and I was 100 yards from the turn I actually should have taken. I had totally forgotten a well travelled route. Beggars belief.

By the time I met my mum and sis for lunch they had finished their food. They did not bat an eyelid / worry I might have had an accident being so late. No. They knew exactly what I would have been doing and just shook their heads at me and rolled their eyes.

I incinerate meals because I forget they are in the oven. I forget the names of people I have known for years. I forget what I was going to say mid sentence. I can't find things because I forget where I have put them. I forget how to spell. I forget whole words. I repeat the same stories to people because I can't remeber who I've told what (this does, however, make me scrupulously honest).

I lose the names for things and have to describe them... 'pass me the .... pointy thing and you write with it ...' or 'Thing - you know - THING - got 3 pointy THINGS on it to stab food with '

It doesn't last indefinitely and it is not getting worse. It's just extremely embarassing because people think I'm stupid at the best of times, and bouts of this behaviour only confirm their opinion.

Locked inside this forgetful creature is a veritable storm of brain. If I had a memory I'd shock 'em all with my mental prowess.

Now ... what day is it again???

Hope it passes soon. Take care.

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I can't answer your question about, will your memory get worse? I do feel badly for you, because more so.. lately, I have been doing the same things. It is sometimes dangerous too..

To be honest with you, I am not sure the Dr.s can answer that question either. I have asked my Dr. and he never gives me a direct answer. I guess, the best we can do is to take one day at a time..

It is perfectly ok. to have melt downs too! I mean

You are not alone and mine seems to be getting progressively worse and then if I havn't slept forget it.

I forget if I have taken my meds so hunny got a organizer, well then I misplaced the organizer.

I have lost 2 pair of eyeglasses and 3 pair of sunglasses.
Can't find my checkbook-It is somewhere in my house because I don't use it anywhere else.
My family is used to my answer to everything-I don't know:hehe:

I have not lost the animals or my dd yet, so I am ok.:lol:

Hope you get a good answer from your dr.

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I to forget a lot. My children call me on it all of the time. Up until recently my mother and I would have arguments, because she said she told me something and I simply do not remember and insisted she never told me. It is very frustrating. At work I have to write everything down on a calendar so I can look at it everyday to make sure I remember everything. I have to do that at home too, but I still forget things. I did not know until recently that it is part of all this. I just thought I was going crazy or getting old.
Take care
I am with you all on this.What is so annoying is the times when you really haven't got it wrong but everyone assumes it must be you.

X Lola
I had one bad experience while cooking and forgetting and since then I will never lay down or anything while cooking. I always use the timer on the oven so that "bing" can remind me. I either stay in the kitchen if something is cooking but doesn't require a long time, or I sit in the living room. Now if you forget to use the timer, ooops....that has happened too.

I have forgetton why I was where I was. I have forgotten my thoughts, my sentences, the subject we were talking about. I have forgotton my pills - now I have the pill box and have in my bedroom bathroom because I always am there ! I put things where I know I will always be.

In my glove box, I have directions to the doctors, and other places that I seem to always forget how to get home from, despite the many times I travel the roads.

I keep two calandars where I always see them.

I try to be more organized because of these things. I always seem to think it is all the meds but none of the meds I take say that is a side effect.

Now I forget where I was going with this.....:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

But I think a lot of us can relate to it. Whether or not it gets worse I think depends on the individual person, their disease level and their meds and of course lets not forget age.......:eek:
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Here's one that will make you laugh....this morning, I went to go take a shower, got into the bathroom & lifted the toilet seat....wait a take a shower in the shower, right??!!! I laughed about it all day today. :lol: I guess if you can find some humor in this it helps! I overheard a comment at work yesterday though that my boss said "how about if we can get someone who can add!" I know it was about me because they had just talked to me about an adding mistake I made. Ooops. well at least my hubby understands & now is reminding me of things. I know, i forget names of people I've known for a long time too. I'm happy that some of you shared your similar stories, although I know it sucks to forget, it helps to know I'm not alone in this!!! Thanks!

You are all a breath of fresh air. I was reading your stories yesterday about forgetfullness, and I could relate to all you were saying as I have the same problem, but the humour you used in telling these stories was fantastic, and I sat at my computer laughing and laughed all the way home from work. Can't say that I have laughed like this for a while, but with people like you in my life who needs anti-depressants.
A couple of times my Grandson has nearly ended up at work with me instead of School as I have missed the turning to his school and carried on to work, so now he tells me before we get to the turning for school "TURN LEFT HERE GRANDMA"
Meals are hit and miss, there is either too much seasoning in (because I can't remember whether I did it, so I add some more,) or there is no seasoning at all.
My children are all used to me calling them different names, they just smile and nod now and answer to which ever name I have just given them.
Anyway all, thanks for being you and making my life a lot easier to live

Keep well
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Somethings you might ask your Rheumy if you can try - there for a while a shot of a steroid type substance (can't remember the name but it wasn't really pred) helped my memory. No-one knew why, its usually for pain in the joints. Then I started the Cellcept and BANG, the shot term memory got a lot better. I'm still having some problems but not nearly as many and I know a lot of them are from the pain medication.
My husband keeps catching me out lately.I'll be engrossed in watching something on the t.V,then the breaks come on,he'll come in and ask me what I'm watching.....can I remember what it was?not a chance!:blush:
Oh my gosh call me forgetful nelly!! My kids and husband tell me all the time "you arleady said that" and I am like no I didn't, when? Then they will remind me of something and I will say you didn't tell me and they are like yes we did you just don't remember:bashhead:
And today I have been miserable from yet another migraine and I wore 2 different black shoes to my sons valentines day party, I didn't notice until my feet were killing me and I took them off at the store, then I pulled out a drawer for a pen and the whole drawer fellout and spilled on the floor:eek:hdear:
Forgetfullness, foggy thinking and clumsyness are my symptoms:aww:
I need some serious sleep!!:asleep:
HAPPY VALENTINES EVERYONE!!:love: :hug: :grouphug2:
Oh, I can relate to forgetfulness

:hehe: This week alone, I forgot about food on the stove and burned it to a crisp, so now I set a timer that will wake me out of the stupor I usually find myself in once I sit down and try to watch tv:eek: then I threw away a credit card that I had forgotten to even activate:hehe: and now who knows what I did with my cell phone?:shrug: :eek:hno: It's one of those you have to add minutes to or you have to re-register it, well I have to add minutes by the 19th, but then there is the fact that I have no idea where it is, probably half way to the landfill if my habit of throwing things away hit it like the credit card.:p I have also repeatidly forgotten to subtract the service charge from my checking account, wlaaked into various rooms, I only have four, and have forgotten what I walked in the room for.:hehe: and somehow, don't ask me how I lost a package of hot dogs between here and the grocery store. Ah yes you learn to laugh, carry maps and write numerous notes, gee I hope I don't misplace my puppy when he comes home:doh: :dog: Karly
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