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I think it's worth mentioning to your doctor, even though it is a common symptom here.

I too get mind bogglingly forgetful, and I don't know I'm going through a forgetful phase until I do something obvious. In fact, I often think other people are at fault until it becomes glaringly obvious I HAVE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING. Most embarassing.

Last week I forgot how to get somewhere I used to go every week for 1 year.

I missed my turn (but did not know) realised I was in the wrong place, turned off a road, went into a town and did a big loop. Got back to where I missed my turn the last time, and progressed in exactly the same way ... into town, big loop, missed the turn 3 times. In the end I got out to ask directions and I was 100 yards from the turn I actually should have taken. I had totally forgotten a well travelled route. Beggars belief.

By the time I met my mum and sis for lunch they had finished their food. They did not bat an eyelid / worry I might have had an accident being so late. No. They knew exactly what I would have been doing and just shook their heads at me and rolled their eyes.

I incinerate meals because I forget they are in the oven. I forget the names of people I have known for years. I forget what I was going to say mid sentence. I can't find things because I forget where I have put them. I forget how to spell. I forget whole words. I repeat the same stories to people because I can't remeber who I've told what (this does, however, make me scrupulously honest).

I lose the names for things and have to describe them... 'pass me the .... pointy thing and you write with it ...' or 'Thing - you know - THING - got 3 pointy THINGS on it to stab food with '

It doesn't last indefinitely and it is not getting worse. It's just extremely embarassing because people think I'm stupid at the best of times, and bouts of this behaviour only confirm their opinion.

Locked inside this forgetful creature is a veritable storm of brain. If I had a memory I'd shock 'em all with my mental prowess.

Now ... what day is it again???

Hope it passes soon. Take care.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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