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Oh, I can relate to forgetfulness

:hehe: This week alone, I forgot about food on the stove and burned it to a crisp, so now I set a timer that will wake me out of the stupor I usually find myself in once I sit down and try to watch tv:eek: then I threw away a credit card that I had forgotten to even activate:hehe: and now who knows what I did with my cell phone?:shrug: :eek:hno: It's one of those you have to add minutes to or you have to re-register it, well I have to add minutes by the 19th, but then there is the fact that I have no idea where it is, probably half way to the landfill if my habit of throwing things away hit it like the credit card.:p I have also repeatidly forgotten to subtract the service charge from my checking account, wlaaked into various rooms, I only have four, and have forgotten what I walked in the room for.:hehe: and somehow, don't ask me how I lost a package of hot dogs between here and the grocery store. Ah yes you learn to laugh, carry maps and write numerous notes, gee I hope I don't misplace my puppy when he comes home:doh: :dog: Karly
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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