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Oh my gosh call me forgetful nelly!! My kids and husband tell me all the time "you arleady said that" and I am like no I didn't, when? Then they will remind me of something and I will say you didn't tell me and they are like yes we did you just don't remember:bashhead:
And today I have been miserable from yet another migraine and I wore 2 different black shoes to my sons valentines day party, I didn't notice until my feet were killing me and I took them off at the store, then I pulled out a drawer for a pen and the whole drawer fellout and spilled on the floor:eek:hdear:
Forgetfullness, foggy thinking and clumsyness are my symptoms:aww:
I need some serious sleep!!:asleep:
HAPPY VALENTINES EVERYONE!!:love: :hug: :grouphug2:
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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