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We have lots of new members so a reminder of the Guidelines seems in order.
This is a copy of Joanne's post below. Joanne is the site founder and owner.

For "Gallery" please read "Albums" as the "Gallery" has been discontinued. Members' personal photos are now available via their profile as "Albums".

In addition to the note in "Netiquette" about not using all capitals in posts, please do not capitalise every word in your posts. It is better to use all lower case.


For the Moderators
Forum, & Gallery rules and guidelines
All members are requested to adhere to the following guidelines :)

The aim of these boards is to provide a place to discuss Lupus, provide support and advice for people with Lupus and their families.
If you have any questions on any of these topics, these are generally best aired in a public forum, so that both yourself and others may benefit from the information given. Asking for responses via Email or Private Message is not in the spirit of 'sharing' and is unlikely to elicit a response.

Use of our message boards implies acceptance of the following guidelines:

* We will not tolerate personal attacks on our members for any reason whatsoever. And please do not post anything in a deliberate attempt to antagonise another member.

* These forums are used by all age groups, therefore please refrain from using defamatory language, or any kind of language that could be considered offensive; this includes the use of innuendo and 'adult topics'.

* These boards have members from many different countries. We ask that you respect the different nationalities, cultures and religions that are represented amongst our membership.

* Spamming of any kind is not allowed here. Any posts deemed to fall under these criteria would be deleted immediately and the poster will have their account terminated.

* We do not allow these forums to be used for advertising or solicitation of any kind.
That includes direct, & indirect advertising.
Using our private messaging or email facility to contact our members to advertise or solicit products and services is strictly forbidden.
Advertisers mentioning product names or posting website addresses will have their posts removed.
If you wish to advertise here you must contact the board administrator who will advise you of the current charges.

* Please do not offer items for sale. Instead use a service such as

* Do not post copyrighted material here.

* Please do not deliberately post information you know to be untrue.

* Please do not repeatedly, and knowingly, post in the wrong forums.
Please take a few moments to find the appropriate forum in which to post your question.

* Before you respond to a post, please take the time to read the responses from other members first as the question may already have been fully answered. If you feel you have something constructive to add to the post, please do so.

* As this is a family site, certain words and phrases have been censored.
Please do not use asterisks, spacing or any other means to bypass the censoring filters.

* Please keep posts in standard English language, avoiding the use of shortened words and 'text speak' as many of our members have problems understanding such posts.

* Please do not create the same post in multiple forums. Such duplicate posts will be deleted.

* Do not quote many lines of text from another post, just to add "I agree" (or similar) at the bottom. Not everyone has a fast connection to the Internet and many people pay for their online time.

* Posts deemed to be solely for the purpose of boosting a member's post count could be subject to deletion.

* Please do not try to create multiple user names, multiple accounts will be deleted.

* We encourage members to report any post they consider to offensive, inflammatory, or otherwise unsuitable for these forums. We will aim to deal with any problem posts within 24 hours of notification.
If you deem a post to be offensive please use the report button to contact the moderating team. Please DO NOT take the issue up with the poster, either by replying to the thread or contacting them via private message or email.

* Please do not post links to other sites when we have the information on our site. Such links will be removed.

* Please do not post links to other Lupus message boards or any commercial site (this applies in posts, signatures and profiles).

* Please try to keep all threads on topic as the information being sought is often missed when a thread is derailed.

* Please do not edit or delete your posts at a later date as this often leaves a thread making no sense. If you have a problem and wish to have something removed, please contact a moderator.

* Moderators reserve the right to move or delete any post for any reason.

* Please do not register multiple accounts. If you lose your password and have trouble resetting it using the lost password page, please email me with your forum username and email.

* Any member who is known to be 'poaching' our members for other sites/forums, or inviting our members to join other forums (by post, PM or email) will be immediately banned.

* Netiquette:
Please respect the accepted 'Netiquette' rules when posting:
- Do not type everything in UPPER CASE. As well as making your posts more difficult to read, this is normally interpreted as SHOUTING.
- Please do not use coloured fonts in your messages. Your snazzy orange or yellow text just disappears against this background. In addition, the black text helps those who may be colour-blind or partially sighted participate fully in the forums too.
- Use 'smileys' or 'emoticons' sparingly to show how you feel. A :) can do wonders to show that you are happy; 30 bouncing icons can do wonders to make others unhappy!
- And finally the Golden Rule of Netiquette: Remember the Human. By all means make your views known, but always respect the feelings of others. And treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

* Signatures:
- Do not allow your 'signature' to grow to be longer than five or six lines. If you post a brief message of a couple of lines with a 10 line signature, the signature itself appears more important than the message - which is not really the aim.
- No website links (other than personal photo sites) in signatures please.
- Any photos/pictures in your signature must be under 200x200 pixels. No more than 2 photos/pictures per signature please.

* Medical Qualifications

Please note that reference to or mention of any sort of healthcare qualifications either in screen names,or as member status, or in signatures, is not acceptable. This includes alternative and complementary practitioners as well as dental and mental health professionals.
Homepages that link to health and fitness related services count as advertising and are not permitted

* Religion
Members need to bear in mind that other participants may have different spiritual beliefs from their own. Do not attempt to comfort or inspire others by making direct references to your own belief system. This could well have the opposite effect and might even cause extreme offence.

Generalities are acceptable. Phrases such as "Keep the Faith" or "I will pray for you", "Sending you good vibes", "Sending you healing energy", "Blessings" would normally be acceptable.

Biblical quotes, or quotes from other religious texts, or any spiritual and inspirational sources, are acceptable in signatures, provided they are within the general intent of our guidelines not to cause offence, and do not exceed the signature length limitations.

The moderators will remove any references that they judge unacceptable. Please accept the team rulings without argument.



The gallery is provided for our members to post personal photos.

The following rules apply-
* No indecent or pornographic pictures (member will be immediately banned, reported to their ISP and the authorities).
* No images that may cause offence to other members.
* No posting copyrighted images.
* The images you post must have been taken by yourself or you must have the permission of the person that took them.
* You must not post photos for the purpose of linking to them from another site. That is stealing our bandwidth and is easily identified from our logs.

Any images which are deemed by the moderating team to break any of the above rules will be immediately removed and the member liable to be removed from The Lupus Site.


The site administrators reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time.
Anyone not in compliance with the aforementioned guidelines, and who does not respond to warnings, can be subject to suspension and/or expulsion from these forums. The administrator also reserves the right to contact the user's Internet Service Provider and relevant authorities if deemed necessary.

Hopefully, these guidelines will help us to continue to grow in excellence and to preserve the warm, friendly, helpful atmosphere that we have all come together to create.
Thank you all for your efforts and your anticipated continued efforts!

The Lupus Site
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