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Unfortunately, rules and guidelines are a necessity to keep the forums the friendly, welcoming place we've strived hard to make it.
Therefore, all members are requested to adhere to the following guidelines :)

The aim of these boards is to provide a place to discuss Lupus, provide support and advice for people with Lupus and their families.
If you have any questions on any of these topics, these are generally best aired in a public forum, so that both yourself and others may benefit from the information given.

Use of our message boards implies acceptance of the following guidelines:

* We will not tolerate personal attacks on our members for any reason whatsoever. Please do not post anything in a deliberate attempt to antagonise another member.

* These forums are used by all age groups (some extremely young), therefore please refrain from using defamatory language, or any kind of language that could be considered offensive; this includes the use of innuendo and 'adult topics' and unsuitable medical advice.
Certain words and phrases have been censored.

* These boards have members from many different countries. We ask that you respect the different nationalities, cultures and religions that are represented amongst our membership.

* Spamming of any kind is not allowed here. Any posts deemed to fall under these criteria would be deleted immediately and the poster will have their account terminated.

* We do not allow these forums to be used for advertising or solicitation of any kind.
That includes direct, & indirect advertising.
Using our private messaging or email facility to contact our members to advertise or solicit products and services is strictly forbidden.
Advertisers will have their posts removed.
If you wish to advertise here you must contact the board administrator who will advise you of the current charges.

* Please do not offer items for sale. Instead use a service such as

* Do not post copyrighted material here.

* Please do not deliberately post information you know to be untrue.

* Please keep posts in standard English language, avoiding the use of shortened words and 'text speak' as many of our members have problems understanding such posts.

* We encourage members to report any post they consider to offensive, inflammatory, or otherwise unsuitable for these forums. We will aim to deal with any problem posts within 24 hours of notification.
If you deem a post to be offensive please use the report button to contact the moderating team. Please DO NOT take the issue up with the poster, either by replying to the thread or contacting them via private message or email.

* Please do not post links to other sites when we have the information on our site. Such links will be removed.

* Please do not post links to other Lupus message boards (this applies in posts, signatures and profiles). This is standard policy on many message boards and is to discourage people from joining and posting just to promote their own forums.

* Please do not edit or delete your posts at a later date as this often leaves a thread making no sense. If you have a problem and wish to have something removed, please contact a moderator.

* Moderators reserve the right to move or delete any post for any reason.

* Please do not register multiple accounts. If you lose your password and have trouble resetting it using the lost password page, please email me with your forum username and email.

* Netiquette:
Please respect the accepted 'Netiquette' rules when posting:
- Do not type everything in UPPER CASE. As well as making your posts more difficult to read, this is normally interpreted as SHOUTING.
- Please do not use coloured fonts in your messages. Your snazzy orange or yellow text just disappears against this background. In addition, the black text helps those who may be colour-blind or partially sighted participate fully in the forums too.
- And finally the Golden Rule of Netiquette: Remember the Human. By all means make your views known, but always respect the feelings of others. And treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

* Signatures:
- No commercial website links (other than personal sites) in signatures please.
- Any photos/pictures in your signature must be under 200x200 pixels. No more than 4 photos/pictures per signature please.


Forum and chat are public places open to everybody , including those who may not have the best interests of members at heart - eg former spouses, insurance investigators etc. Please bear this in mind when posting any private or sensitive information. All forum posts are indexed by Google and other search engines.


We are determined to keep chat a safe, pleasant and supportive environment for lupus sufferers, their families and friends.

Please bear in mind the following-

* Everyone must be treated with courtesy and respect.

* Chatroom etiquette requires that incomers and newcomers are greeted and introductions made as necessary. Every effort must be made to encourage participation, to help and reassure newcomers, and give people the opportunity to talk about their problems.

* This is also for our members' security. Only registered members can join chat but we have no control over who registers. Do not give out personal identifying details in chat or on the forum.

* Arguments are not allowed. Harassment of moderators or other chatters through PM's is not acceptable.

* Sales and promotions are not permitted, nor are attempts to put people off their current medications and adopt alternative remedies.

* Surveys, petition links, and researchers not permitted in chat. If any members are questioned by someone doing research whilst in chat and a moderator isn't present, please make a note of their screen name & report them to the moderators.

* The moderators are entitled to respect . They are dedicated volunteers with their own problems. They are trusted to use their judgement and discretion in everybody's interests with the aim of maintaining the excellence of the site, forum and chat room

* Please cooperate with us in this aim. There can't be a continuous moderating presence so we do rely on members to let us know when there are problems.


The gallery is provided for our members to post personal photos.

The following rules apply-
* No indecent or pornographic pictures (member will be immediately banned, reported to their ISP and the authorities).
* No images that may cause offence to other members.
* No posting copyrighted images.
* The images you post must have been taken by yourself or you must have the permission of the person that took them.
* You must not post photos for the purpose of linking to them from another site. That is stealing our bandwidth and is easily identified from our logs.

Any images which are deemed by the moderating team to break any of the above rules will be immediately removed and the member liable to be removed from The Lupus Site.


The site administrators reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time.
Anyone not in compliance with the aforementioned guidelines, and who does not respond to warnings, can be subject to suspension and/or expulsion from these forums. The administrator also reserves the right to contact the user's Internet Service Provider and relevant authorities if deemed necessary.

Hopefully, these guidelines will help us to continue to grow in excellence and to preserve the warm, friendly, helpful atmosphere that we have all come together to create.
Thank you all for your efforts and your anticipated continued efforts!

~Thank you

Joanne :)

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***** Please can I remind all members it is not polite to take over/hijack other members threads *****

* Please try to keep all threads on topic as the information being sought is often missed when a thread is derailed.

Thank you for your attention in this matter!

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Just a reminder to all members that, while it is great to share experiences and we would not discourage that, we would like to discourage a trend of negative comments towards all of those in the medical profession. The vast majority of doctors, nurses etc are excellent and we would not want those visiting this site to get any other impression.
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