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Free perm with Azathioprine !!

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Hi Everyone, Did i read in a post somewhere that Azathioprine can make your hair curly ? mine has gone curly from the root:sunny: ,What with my Toe nails falling as well ,dont i look so pretty!! healthy wishes to everyone june
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Hi June

I don't know specifically about azathiopine but I do know meds can affect your hair. My husband used to have lovely curly black hair but since he's been on diabetes meds his hair has straightened and gone lighter (in between the grey!!). The opposite happened to my best friend on the same meds - her hair went curly! Prednisilone made my hair fall out and go very dry. Been off it now for 7 months and I still have straw for hair. Had it cut really short last weekend so it would look a bit better, except now it sticks out like I've been electrocuted :rotfl:.

Hope some others can be more specific about the medication.

Take care
Judi xx
yes it also gave me curly hair. I had not had curly hair since I was very young. all my friends think I have gotten a perm. and it is growing out very thick. so there are some good side affects to meds :lol:
my hair does have a lot more body to it... not curly, just wavy. i do like it! if im going to feel icky taking it, i guess its a good benefit! :rotfl:
oh yes you heard right june, mine goes curly now when i get hot wet lol, i have to strighten it when washed too lol oh well never mind worse things out there i supose
My hair has stayed exactly the same.

Neither curly nor straight :wall: I know that all those with curly hair want it straight and vice versa but me, all my life, I would just like it to make up its mind!! :lol:

Me too!

I lost a lot of hair initially with the lupus I think. Then aza and MMF and steroids later, it's grown back curly - well wavy whereas before my hair was very straight. It's definitely getting thicker again now as well.

Cathy x
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