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Dear Ellen

I am so sorry on top of having stress already that you have to deal with a sibling rivory.Thats what i call it when me and my 6 sisters go through it quite a bit about a lot of things.I have one sister younger then me and one just two years older then the rest are way older then me :rotfl: but anyway i wish sometimes they would act like they care but the same time glad they do not ask if that makes sense :lol: I never hear from mine and if i do they do not even ask how i am and if they do and i say well im okay just tired of the cold or whatever they stop me right in my tracks like they think they think i am going to dare complain or something.I do not work anymore and sure wish i did work for sure.I still fight myself on that one every day.I think it is so great you still work.I would for sure like the others try not to stress over it as we all know it is not good for us and know it is not your fault.

Well anyway i think we all have a somewhat dissfunctional family :rotfl: really.I have like six sisters two brothers so i do understand stress in a family (((hugs))
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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