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Have been waiting 5 weeks fro blood results, they keep geting lost between rhuemy sec and gp, rang up and rhuemy sec said bloods and xrays seem normal and refering me back to the care of my gp!!!!!!!! In bed at mo pain all over feel like i've been hit by a bus!!!! extremeley feed up, feel like screaming or bursting into tears!!!!!
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Hi jo how frustrating for you open your door and go out and have a good scream.There is nothing worse than being pushed from person to another.Have you been diagnosed with lupus i think every one of us has been through something similare and it is frustrating when you know your self that there is something wrong so sorry you are having a hard and sore day wishing you well soon :) elisabeth
Hi Jo,

Sorry you're feeling so bad right now; the extra worry about where you results are can't be helping.

I don't really have any advice, other than, if things are bad and you know they are, digging your heels in!

I remember going into my GP in Jan 2007 and telling him that my New Year's resolution was to be his most annoying, pestery, horrible patient until I got answers. I said it very nicely but rather determinedly. I don't think it made much difference to my GP as he's a lovely man who has always taken me seriously, but I think it made a difference to my resolve and made me go back to the rheumy again and say that this was NOT normal.

All I can do, is send plenty of hugs and a bucketfull of that resolve and determination,


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It does take a while to diagnose...just keep knocking on the doc's door.
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