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This is an excerpt from Joanne's post titled Chatroom Reminders sticky above. Joanne is the Site Founder and owner.

* Chatroom etiquette requires that incomers and newcomers are greeted and introductions made as necessary. Every effort must be made to encourage participation, to help and reassure newcomers, and give people the opportunity to talk about their problems.

* This is also for our members' security. Only registered members can join chat but we have no control over who registers. Do not give out personal identifying details in chat or on the forum.

* No discussion of others in their absence.

* Cliques are detrimental to the supportive welcoming nature of chat as they can make other members feel left out when there is no common interest in the topics being discussed.
We wish to remind too that short forms/text speak are not acceptable in chat any more than on the forum. Nor is language that isn't generally acceptable, see Forum Guidelines.

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