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That is a common issue I think.. I had the acid really bad for several years before the doctors took it serious. Finally they ran some test and for out that I over produce stomach acid and that a had a bad gallbladder. Once they remove the gallbladder and put me on meds it did calm down some.

I do notice that when I go a long time with out eating something it tends to get much worse. I tend to eat small meals that are very bland and eat a lot of saltine crackers. You could also try to raise the head of your bed, by putting a couple of pillows under your mattress. Plus don't lie flat it tends to allow the acid to follow up your throat easier.
Plus tight pants at the waist tend to push the acid up the throat.

You are right to be concerned about long term effects. Make sure to keep on your doctor. It can eroad the lining of your throat, and cause other issues too.

Good Luck.
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