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Hi Lyn :)

Congratulations on getting the interview. You will do just fine. I think if it were me I would concentrate on explaining the disease to the ordinary person out there as I think there is such a lack of understanding about what it is.

I would say that it is basically a condition that can be described as a self allergy - in other words where the body turns against itself. Perhaps give an example of when the ordinary person gets a cold or virus then their internal 'army' gears itself up to fight off the invader. Usually a battle goes on inside the body and one's own army ends up fighting off the invader and then stands down its army to wait on the next atack.

With Lupus however our bodies lose the ability to control our internal army so once they get going they forget to switch off and end up attacking normal, healthy tissue with the result that they can attack just about anywhere in the body. Explain the fact that it is a systemic illness that can affect any part of our systems - hence the fact that it can be so different for everyone.

Maybe also you might be confident enough to explain some of the medications and how they work, e.g. the immune suppressants that are designed to suppress or dampen our over-active immune system. The benefits being that they do help to calm down over activity of Lupus but the down side is that you have to live with a compromised immune system and are more open to infection. etc.

Of course most interviewers will want your personal story and how it affects you and thats probably where you will be most comfortable. I would say though that they will start with an open question something along the lines of 'so tell me, what is Lupus'. It would be good to have a few paragraphs prepared to get you settled into the interview. Make lots of notes so you can refer to them and this will make you feel more confident.

I also agree that explaining the fatigue would go a long way to creating an understanding of this disease.

The very best of luck and let us know how it goes.

Luv n stuff
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